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The Iowa Bass Federation is one of the 48 state federations affiliated with The Bass Federation (TBF). The Bass Federation (TBF) is a national organization consisting of individual state federations.  The first federation club was formed in 1968. TBF works hand in hand with the individual state federations to support the grassroots growth of fishing, as well as the growth of the entire fishing/outdoors industry.

The Iowa Bass Federation was formed in 2023 with the intent to hold close to home state qualifiers that provide advancement opportunities to national trails at a fraction of the cost.  Since inception, we have held qualifying events to build our annual state team consisting of 6 boaters and 6 non-boaters that represent that state of Iowa at the “National Semi-finals” (NSF). The highest state finisher on the boater and non-boater at the NSF qualifies for the TBF Federation National Championship where the total payout exceeds $400,000 in cash and prizes and where top boaters and co-angler compete for their part of the “Living the Dream” package.

The “Living the Dream” package comes in at over $125,000 in cash and prizes including a brand-new Ranger boat for the TBF National Champion on the boater’s side and $30,000 prize package for our TBF National Champion Co-Angler. Anglers in the TBF Federation National Championship, who have upgraded their MLF membership to competitor status before competing in their district national Semi-finals, also compete for 1 of 7 boater and 7 Non-boaters spots in the BFL All-American.

TBF is 100% member-owned, with no big executive salaries as all the National Officers and Board of Directors are non-paid volunteers. No one else can say that.  The Iowa Bass Federation is also a non-profit organization operating exclusively to further the sport of bass fishing with an emphasis on youth and conservation. If you are interested in joining our organization as a member or creating a club of your own, click here to contact us.

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TBF is the best-kept secret in Bass Tournament Fishing!


Iowa Bass Federation ( IBF )